Introduction to the Energy Codes

Within the pages of Dr. Sue Morter’s new book, The Energy Codes: A 7-Step System to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body and Live Your Best Life, you'll find her life's work organized into a step-by-step process of transformation that has the power to change every aspect of your life.

Each of the seven "Energy Codes" is a road map, leading you back to the truth of who you are - a being made of pure creative energy.

When you learn to live as this aspect of your being, your life flows with ease and grace, healing becomes a natural byproduct and you step into your greatness, as the powerful creator of your life's experience you were born to be.

I've been a student of Dr. Sue for more than two years and The Energy Codes were the next step of her personal awakening journey after learning to meditate with Deepak Chopra.

In February of 2019, I became one of 300 people globally certified to teach this work as an “Energy Codes Certified Facilitator”.

Join Leda for a workshop based on this book and learn how these power codes can have positive changes in your life.

A short insight of what each Energy Code has to offer:

#1 - The Anchoring Code: Getting Back in Your Body teaches us how to get out of our heads and anchor ourselves in the deep, core wisdom of our True, Soulful Self.

#2 - The Feeling Code: The Language of the Soul offers techniques to awaken our sensory nervous system so we can begin "hearing" the messages of our Soulful Self.

#3 - The Clearing Code: The Healing Power of the Subconscious shows us how to open the door to our subconscious, resolve the residue of experiences trapped there, and reintegrate the energy that's been tied up and keeping us from manifesting our highest dreams and visions.

#4 - The Heart Code: The Universal Solvent offers understanding of how to generate the awe-inspiring vibrational frequency of love that is the energy of the Soulful Self. When we tap into this frequency, we're able to transmute and heal all aspects of our lives.

#5 - The Breath Code: The Power of Life Itself teaches us how to use the most powerful tool we have for manifesting spirit or energy in physical form - the breath. It enlivens the Truth of who we are and awakens us to an entirely new way of experiencing life.

#6 - The Chemistry Code: The Alchemy of Embodiment provides ways to shift our physiology from "threatened" to "safe" allowing us to move from fight-or-flight mode to one of healing and transformation.

#7 - The Spirit Code: Where the Many Become One shows us ways to transcend the limiting perception of the mind that we are separate from everything, to understanding the Truth of our nature as energetic beings. We discover we are connected to the limitless and abundant world around us full of infinite possibilities. This is Creatorship and living as the Soulful Self.



Workshop:  Various Formats 2, 4 or 8 hours

​Investment:  TBD - available for a variety of budgets