Ignite! Your Passion Through Personal Fulfillment and Happiness

Are you satisfied with your life or career but feel it’s lacking excitement?
Are doing fine or ok, but want to feel alive and filled with energy?
Has your business or career reached a plateau you can’t seem to break through?
Do you sometimes wonder if you could be reaching for more?

Regardless of where we are in our journey, we can all use a moment to take an assessment.
We often want to reach for more, but are missing the tools and know how to take your success to the next level.

 What’s the point of success if you are always stressed, overwhelmed and don’t see your family and friends? We depend on our resources, but are we
over-invested in our jobs?  We expect friends and family to lean on, but do we feel supported?  Often, we feel exhausted before we can even focus on our true goals and desires and find ourselves last in the line of all the things we are trying to manage and take care of. 

Join me, Leda Csanka, Executive Life Coach and Strategist for a workshop to explore the areas of your life that may be in need of a Tune-Up.  Start with a vision and strategy to help you shift from surviving to thriving in the new year.

I'll share with you through personal experience what it’s like to lose yourself to the roles you have in life and how, often, after years of achieving success and reaching our so-called dreams, many of us are still feeling unfulfilled, unhappy and wondering if “that’s all there is”.   

Using the same Life coaching model, I applied within my career for many years to achieve growth and success in the business world, I am an example of what it’s like to re-imagine your life and began a journey of transformation.

This topic is valuable for anyone looking to ignite some passion back into their lives as we spend a couple of hours together in workshop applying her Balanced Life Blueprint process to your own life to help you create a refreshed vision and strategy for your life.

Being mindful of your goals and your vision for your life is the starting point to inspire your personal passion.

Workshop:  2 - 2.5 hours

Key Takeaways include::
  • An assessment of the areas of your life, career or business that you want to recharge
  • Tools :
  • Power of Visualization and Focus
  • Techniques to change beliefs
  • Motivate yourself to achieve anything
  • 6 Steps to creating change
  • A Smart Action Plan to Achieve goals    

Investment:  TBD - available for a variety of budgets

“After almost 30 years in the corporate world, I had achieved all my life and career goals only to find that I wasn’t feeling fulfilled and very happy.  I decided to retire at 49 to explore another dream of mine, to transition to author, speaker, independent consultant and coach.  “ – Leda Csanka