Inspiring Presentations

Lead, Motivate, Inspire

We’ve all heard the advice to hire smart people and get out of their way.

However, leaders of any midsize organization navigating today’s rapid pace of change or trying to achieve what feels like impossible goal need to hone their leadership skills.

A critical success factor is finding ways to motivate the organization towards common goals. In this presentation, l share lessons on leadership gleaned from two successful corporate spin-offs in the last decade.

Your group will learn how to create a compelling vision and how to communicate and share that vision.

The key for any leader is not just understanding where they are going, but to help their team see a path to success, a strategy on how to execute and remain focused on the end game.

Key takeaways include:
  • How to establish a strategy, roadmap or strategic objectives.
  • Define specific culture: a set of attitudes, standards, behaviors, and values
  • Train leaders with weekly meetings, management book clubs and performance objectives
  • Embed the culture for success into the organization

Presentation:  20, 30, 45 or 60 minutes


​Investment:  TBD - available for a variety of budgets


The 8 C's of Communication

Leaders of organizations are always looking for that edge that will help them and their teams succeed.

Communications skill enhancement needs to be at the top of the list.

We've all heard and read stories about empowered leaders but wonder how to create such leaders or become one.

Many emerging and established leaders dream about sparking a new culture of innovation and entrepreneurialism in their firms but need a plan to get started and overcome workers’ lack of communications skills.

In this presentation, I share the secrets of my Eight C’s of Communication.  A strategy that led my IT organization to success through a challenging corporate spin-off followed by several years of growth and acquisitions.

Your group will learn these eight easy behaviors that provide the transparency needed to stay on top of all things in your firm and shift your organization to the next level.

This session will unlock a communication strategy around the following: clear, concise, confident, controlled, In-charge, Inclusive, close the and collaboration.

Presentation:  20, 30, 45 or 60 minutes

​Investment:  TBD - available for a variety of budgets