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Developing Fulfilled and Passionate Teams: Ignite the Fire Within
Ignite Your Passion Through Personal Fulfillment and Happiness
Introduction to Primordial Sound Meditation
Introduction to the Energy Codes

Inspiring Presentations
Lead, Motivate, Inspire
The 8 C's of Communication

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Balance and Self Care Program
Visioning a Compelling Future and Goal Setting Program
Boost Self-Confidence Through Self-Discovery and Awareness
Productivity and Time-Management Tools

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Developing Fulfilled and Passionate Teams: Ignite the Fire Within!

Workshop:  2.5 - 3 hours

Senior leaders spend much of their time focused on the financial statements of their company and often overlook the most important asset: their employees. In today’s fast-paced world, employees are constantly juggling priorities to meet the demands of their career, life, passions and overall responsibilities.
Join me, Leda Csanka, executive life coach and technology strategist for an in-depth workshop where I share my experience as a CIO for a major wealth-management organization, a spinoff from one of the world’s largest investment and banking companies. Along the way, I learned that fulfilled and passionate employees are the difference between companies that just survive and those that innovate, grow and ultimately thrive. This workshop starts with the role of the individual exploring areas of our lives that may need a tune-up. To develop fulfilled and passionate teams require a leader to ignite their own passion. That is the spark that results in innovations at work. Learn how to start and nurture the process of personal passion which begins with being mindful of goals and a life vision.

Gain insight into why many of us feel unfulfilled, unhappy and wondering if that’s all there is after years of achieving growth and success in the business world. Csanka will share the life coaching model she applied to her career to find fulfillment that she was able to pass on to her team members and those she worked with every day. Attendees will learn how to reimagine their lives and careers that ultimately impact others and spreads throughout the organization.
This goal-setting workshop will help attendees create a vision and strategy to become fulfilled and develop highly engage and passionate teams.

Key Takeaways include:
  • Life and career assessment tools
  • Understanding the power of visualization and focus
  • Techniques to change beliefs
  • How to motivate oneself to achieve anything
  • The 6 steps to creating change
  • A smart action plan to achieve goals

Investment:  TBD - available for a variety of budgets

Ignite! Your Passion Through Personal Fulfillment and Happiness

Workshop:  2 - 2.5 hours

What’s the point of success if you are always stressed, overwhelmed and don’t see your family and friends? We depend on our resources, but are we over-invested in our jobs?  We expect friends and family to lean on, but do we feel supported?  Often, we feel exhausted before we can even focus on our true goals and desires and find ourselves last in the line of all the things we are trying to manage and take care of. 

Join me, Leda Csanka, Executive Life Coach and Strategist for a workshop to explore the areas of your life that may be in need of a Tune-Up.  Start with a vision and strategy to help you shift from surviving to thriving in the new year.

I'll share with you through personal experience what it’s like to lose yourself to the roles you have in life and how, often, after years of achieving success and reaching our so-called dreams, many of us are still feeling unfulfilled, unhappy and wondering if “that’s all there is”.   

Using the same Life coaching model, I applied within my career for many years to achieve growth and success in the business world, I am an example of what it’s like to re-imagine your life and began a journey of transformation.

This topic is valuable for anyone looking to ignite some passion back into their lives as we spend a couple of hours together in workshop applying her Balanced Life Blueprint process to your own life to help you create a refreshed vision and strategy for your life.

Being mindful of your goals and your vision for your life is the starting point to inspire your personal passion.

“After almost 30 years in the corporate world, I had achieved all my life and career goals only to find that I wasn’t feeling fulfilled and very happy.  I decided to retire at 49 to explore another dream of mine, to transition to author, speaker, independent consultant and coach.  “ – Leda Csanka

Key Takeaways include::
  • An assessment of the areas of your life, career or business that you want to recharge
  • Tools :
  • Power of Visualization and Focus
  • Techniques to change beliefs
  • Motivate yourself to achieve anything
  • 6 Steps to creating change
  • A Smart Action Plan to Achieve goals    

Investment:  TBD - available for a variety of budgets

Introduction to Primordial Sound Meditation

Learn the Benefits to Starting Your Own Meditation Practice

Workshop:  1.5 hours

Have you heard all the buzz about meditation and wonder about the health benefits of it?  Have you tried to sit still and quiet your mind but can’t stop that busy brain and all those thoughts of yours? 

Join me, Leda Csanka, Executive Life Coach, Strategist, Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor with the Chopra Center for a talk and guided meditation on the benefits that meditation can bring to your life. 

I'll share with you through personal experience how I discovered the joy of meditation through the techniques taught by Deepak Chopra at his Chopra Center in Carlsbad California. 

Using Deepak’s mantra-based approach I was finally able to slow down her own “busy brain” and find the transformational health benefits that meditation can bring.

This event just may be the introduction you need to begin a new practice and a new you!

​Investment:  TBD - available for a variety of budgets


Introduction to the Energy Codes


Workshop:  Various Formats 2, 4 or 8 hours

Within the pages of Dr. Sue Morter’s new book, The Energy Codes: A 7-Step System to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body and Live Your Best Life, you'll find her life's work organized into a step-by-step process of transformation that has the power to change every aspect of your life.

Each of the seven "Energy Codes" is a road map, leading you back to the truth of who you are - a being made of pure creative energy.

When you learn to live as this aspect of your being, your life flows with ease and grace, healing becomes a natural byproduct and you step into your greatness, as the powerful creator of your life's experience you were born to be.

I've been a student of Dr. Sue for more than two years and The Energy Codes were the next step of her personal awakening journey after learning to meditate with Deepak Chopra.

In February of 2019, I became one of 300 people globally certified to teach this work as an “Energy Codes Certified Facilitator”.

Join Leda for a workshop based on this book and learn how these power codes can have positive changes in your life.

A short insight of what each Energy Code has to offer:

#1 - The Anchoring Code: Getting Back in Your Body teaches us how to get out of our heads and anchor ourselves in the deep, core wisdom of our True, Soulful Self.

#2 - The Feeling Code: The Language of the Soul offers techniques to awaken our sensory nervous system so we can begin "hearing" the messages of our Soulful Self.

#3 - The Clearing Code: The Healing Power of the Subconscious shows us how to open the door to our subconscious, resolve the residue of experiences trapped there, and reintegrate the energy that's been tied up and keeping us from manifesting our highest dreams and visions.

#4 - The Heart Code: The Universal Solvent offers understanding of how to generate the awe-inspiring vibrational frequency of love that is the energy of the Soulful Self. When we tap into this frequency, we're able to transmute and heal all aspects of our lives.

#5 - The Breath Code: The Power of Life Itself teaches us how to use the most powerful tool we have for manifesting spirit or energy in physical form - the breath. It enlivens the Truth of who we are and awakens us to an entirely new way of experiencing life.

#6 - The Chemistry Code: The Alchemy of Embodiment provides ways to shift our physiology from "threatened" to "safe" allowing us to move from fight-or-flight mode to one of healing and transformation.

#7 - The Spirit Code: Where the Many Become One shows us ways to transcend the limiting perception of the mind that we are separate from everything, to understanding the Truth of our nature as energetic beings. We discover we are connected to the limitless and abundant world around us full of infinite possibilities. This is Creatorship and living as the Soulful Self.


​Investment:  TBD - available for a variety of budgets

Inspiring Presentations

Lead, Motivate, Inspire

We’ve all heard the advice to hire smart people and get out of their way.

However, leaders of any midsize organization navigating today’s rapid pace of change or trying to achieve what feels like impossible goal need to hone their leadership skills.

A critical success factor is finding ways to motivate the organization towards common goals. In this presentation, l share lessons on leadership gleaned from two successful corporate spin-offs in the last decade.

Your group will learn how to create a compelling vision and how to communicate and share that vision.

The key for any leader is not just understanding where they are going, but to help their team see a path to success, a strategy on how to execute and remain focused on the end game.

Key takeaways include:
  • How to establish a strategy, roadmap or strategic objectives.
  • Define specific culture: a set of attitudes, standards, behaviors, and values
  • Train leaders with weekly meetings, management book clubs and performance objectives
  • Embed the culture for success into the organization

Presentation:  20, 30, 45 or 60 minutes


​Investment:  TBD - available for a variety of budgets


The 8 C's of Communication

Leaders of organizations are always looking for that edge that will help them and their teams succeed.

Communications skill enhancement needs to be at the top of the list.

We've all heard and read stories about empowered leaders but wonder how to create such leaders or become one.

Many emerging and established leaders dream about sparking a new culture of innovation and entrepreneurialism in their firms but need a plan to get started and overcome workers’ lack of communications skills.

In this presentation, I share the secrets of my Eight C’s of Communication.  A strategy that led my IT organization to success through a challenging corporate spin-off followed by several years of growth and acquisitions.

Your group will learn these eight easy behaviors that provide the transparency needed to stay on top of all things in your firm and shift your organization to the next level.

This session will unlock a communication strategy around the following: clear, concise, confident, controlled, In-charge, Inclusive, close the and collaboration.

Presentation:  20, 30, 45 or 60 minutes

​Investment:  TBD - available for a variety of budgets


Packaged Solutions for Individuals or Groups

These specific packages are a set of tools and exercises put together and meant to solve a specific need or purpose.   The programs are pre-defined and not custom built like the Ignite packages found on the other page.  

These programs are excellent both one-on-one and in a group session like a full day workshop.  If you have a group of friends looking for a transformational weekend event, a day with a facilitated workshop with one of these programs may be perfect!   
Investment for one-one-one facilitation through any of these programs is $1000.

To host your own one day workshop for you and your friends in your location is $1000 plus travel expenses and the cost of printed materials based on the number of attendees.
Visioning a Compelling Future and Goal Setting
When you have a vision for your life it makes everything easier, from goal setting, prioritizing actions and day to day activities. Let’s align your goals with your vision.  This program is a series of 8 sessions where we work together to create a vision for your life.   We use three tools that help us create that vision and spend an entire session together picking the most compeling goals to move forward with.  Once we have a set of goals, I work with you to establish the "Why" behind those goals to create the motivation you need to reach your dreams.   Together we will frame them into SMART goals that are actionable and achievalbe.   We finish up with a repeatable process to follow year after year to keep you creating the life you want.
Balance and Self Care Program

What’s the point of success if you are always stressed, overwhelmed and don’t see your family and friends? Let’s focus on creating and having a strategy for your whole life.  This is a series of 8 sessions that starts with an assessment of where your life is now, determining your specific self-care needs, creating an action plan and setting boundries with my "The Power of No!" Workbook, and finally working through the Letting Go Coaching Exercise.
Boost Self Confidence through Self-Discovery and Awareness
To achieve success in life – with the most ease – we need to be congruent. Let’s work together to align your life, priorities and actions with who you really are.  This is a 7 session program that starts with 3 exercises meant to help you boost your self-confidence, self-knowledge and fun/happiness in life.   1)  What Makes My Heart Sing? Exercise, 2) Troll Travels - Who am I?  Self-Discovery Exercise!, 3) Role Model Confidence Boosting Exercise.  Section 2 of our time together is meant to help you go deeper and create a positive outlook.  These are the exercises we explore:  4) Personal Values Identification Workbook, 5) Daily Gratitude Diary and Template, 6) Intuition and Dream Symbol Exercise!.   We finish our program with 7) Draw Out Your Gremlins Exercise.
Productivity and Time Management Tools
Let me help you be more productive and manage stress through better time management, action and priority management.  Together in this 8 session program we will work through 3 tools to share time management concepts that will SHIFT they way you manage your time!  From here, we spend two sessions to get you focused on a weekly and daily basis and activate motivation from within.  Our last through sessions together will focus on removing Obstacles to Effectiveness.  Find out if you are spending too much time in the wrong areas!
Stay Energized and Motivated
You may have specific goals already outlined but need that extra spark to stay energized, keep ​motiviated and moving forward. Let me assist you with more than 8 tools specifically designed to help motivate you.  This 8 week program is broken into four components: 

1)  Get Energized - through insipiring relationships and how you feel about your current activities 
2)  Be More Effective - be more effective by planning ahead and consciously creating success habits
3)  Get Things Done - look within yourself and find ways to take action & complete a task that you have been procrastinating over
4)  Get Unstuck & Get Moving - learn a simple way to brainstorm ideas and get unstuck as well as how to break down a large project
Renew You, Love Your Life! 
Coaching Program
Everyone wants more out of their life. To get you on your path, it’s good to take stock, clear out the clutter, figure out what’s important to you and get re-energized about your life.  This 90-day program is a combination of traditional goal-setting activities, completing homework, and exercises that we will work through together.  
This program helps you: reconnect to yourself, get re-energized, clear out your mental clutter and set meaningful short term goals helping you reconnect to and Love Your Life!.