Developing Fulfilled and Passionate Teams: Ignite the Fire Within!

Gain insight into why many of us feel unfulfilled, unhappy and wondering if that’s all there is after years of achieving growth and success in the business world. Csanka will share the life coaching model she applied to her career to find fulfillment that she was able to pass on to her team members and those she worked with every day. Attendees will learn how to reimagine their lives and careers that ultimately impact others and spreads throughout the organization.
This goal-setting workshop will help attendees create a vision and strategy to become fulfilled and develop highly engage and passionate teams.

Key Takeaways include:
  • Life and career assessment tools
  • Understanding the power of visualization and focus
  • Techniques to change beliefs
  • How to motivate oneself to achieve anything
  • The 6 steps to creating change
  • A smart action plan to achieve goals

Investment:  TBD - available for a variety of budgets

Workshop:  2.5 - 3 hours

Senior leaders spend much of their time focused on the financial statements of their company and often overlook the most important asset: their employees. In today’s fast-paced world, employees are constantly juggling priorities to meet the demands of their career, life, passions and overall responsibilities.
Join me, Leda Csanka, executive life coach and technology strategist for an in-depth workshop where I share my experience as a CIO for a major wealth-management organization, a spinoff from one of the world’s largest investment and banking companies. Along the way, I learned that fulfilled and passionate employees are the difference between companies that just survive and those that innovate, grow and ultimately thrive. This workshop starts with the role of the individual exploring areas of our lives that may need a tune-up. To develop fulfilled and passionate teams require a leader to ignite their own passion. That is the spark that results in innovations at work. Learn how to start and nurture the process of personal passion which begins with being mindful of goals and a life vision.