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Leda has helped me tremendously - I have experienced a significant shift in my perception of my job search.  Leda provided not only practical and logical tools to assist me with charting my path but also loving guidance uncovering how I was emotionally attached to old ‘stories’ that were causing conflict with how I wished to create my new reality.

Leda embodies the wonderful combination of years of experience in the corporate world with her calm rooted soul to guide both the mind and the heart.

I look forward to more unfolding and Leda will be a great presence on my journey.

- Carey Fox, 2018

What clients are saying...

Many life coaches help you achieve things they could not.  But Leda brings an extraordinary skill set. She can show by example what it is to lead a large organization through dramatic and wrenching change and bring a deep focus on customers. All the while,  being thoughtful about, and aiming toward, the life dreams we have that are wrapped up inextricably in our professional achievement

- Barnaby Grist, 2018
When I first met Leda, I had a little problem I was aware of that I knew she could help me fix. But after we scratched the surface together, I realized what a wealth of knowledge she is, and I decided to go with a long term coaching relationship. What a shrewd move on my part!

The smart, easy to implement solutions she offered me right out of the gate have made a huge difference in my personal and business life. The positive changes (as a direct result of Leda's savvy business advice) have been a reduction in friction, a calming of chaos, and a creation of balance.

Above all, Leda empowers me to become the best version of myself on a week to week basis. Her background in corporate America gives her the chops to offer solid, creative solutions and ideas for my unique issues, and knowing I have the world's smartest blond on my team makes me want to get up every day and kick ass.

- Dominique Fruchtman, Owner, 2019

My coaching sessions with Leda created a big, positive shift in my life. I had creative projects scattered all over and they had become a scary jumble in my mind. I had lost hope that anything good would ever come of them. Leda helped me see each project clearly and set a course to evaluate and address each one. If nothing else happens, this is already a success story. But I am now engaged with a production company that is shopping my work and I have reason to believe that something special is underway.

- Eduardo Santiago, Novelist and Screenwriter, 2019

Leda is an extremely intuitive and methodical thinker when it comes to coaching small business owners. Her consulting approach embodies all the attributes of a true strategic planner. Leda breaks every module of the business down into a logical progression and fine tunes each step necessary to properly position the business while protecting it's brand identity and intellectual properties before helping you execute your ultimate plan - with precision. The value that Leda brings to the table is priceless and I am thankful to have worked with her! It won’t be the last time!

- Ronald Gray, SysSynced, 2018